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Call the wizard

Calling a wizard to home or office to repair or set up computer equipment or software

Website development

Creating any site of any complexity with the use of modern methods and technologies.


Repair and maintenance of servers, computers, laptops and other digital equipment


Search engine optimization and promotion of your sites in search engines and social networks

Call the wizard

Computer repair at your home or office. Remote Administration and Debugging

Sometimes there are situations when your laptop or computer does not obey your commands, giving a breakdown.

The reasons for such unpleasant surprises can be a variety of nuances: software errors, failure of some important element, viruses and so on. You should not try to adjust the work of your equipment on your own, because this will only worsen the situation. That’s why we recommend that you trust diagnostics and computer repair at home or office Lviv or diagnostics and repairing laptops at home or office in Lviv only by qualified specialists from IRONteam .

We have all the necessary equipment and tools in order to quickly provide assistance and perform high-quality computer repair at home or office. Whether you need setup operating system or complex repair laptop or a personal computer, we quickly and quickly With warranty, we’ll fix issues of any complexity and, if necessary, configure your computer in Lviv at your home.

We can execute Remote Administration (provided that you have the operating system correctly downloaded and have Internet access) via remote desktop , TeamViewer , Ammyy Admin or Radmin (Payment in this case is done by transferring funds to a payment system or a bank card).

You are at home

You will not have to worry with PCs around the city in search of a good wizard – by calling, he will arrive at a convenient time for you. 


You will avoid experiencing what your equipment and your personal information will do


Remote Assistance via Remote Desktop or TeamViewer


We quickly and efficiently eliminate malfunctions


We will advise on any issue


If necessary, we can take your equipment and bring back the already repaired

Network setup

Networking, Wi-Fi setup, network setup

The wizard's call is chargeable.

The minimum call cost is 100 UAH.

Call if there is any question

(096) 871-2015

Call to discuss details!

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Website development

High-quality web design and state-of-the-art technologies allow you to create truly working pages to attract new customers

Website creation is not always an effective tool for increasing sales. In each particular case, a full analysis of all available methods of improving the business efficiency that our experts can make is required. Together, we’ll find ways to make the most effective investment for your company’s advertising goals.

The team of enthusiasts will take on the most challenging tasks and will offer you several options for solving them, among which may be the most non-trivial, but definitely working ones. In the course of joint work, we will definitely take into account your opinion, as well as offer our own vision of the problem.


We are engaged in research in the field of Internet technologies and solutions. Therefore, when creating sites, we use the most up-to-date technologies to fulfill your desires


Relativity of the site to all devices and browsers


Editing, adding materials is fast and clear. All sites are connected to CMS


We have many ideas to help make your site beautiful so customers would like to visit your site again and again.

Call if there is any question

(096) 871-2015

Call to discuss details!

(096) 871-2015


Repair of computer equipment


  • Repair, Troubleshooting – Software or Hardware
  • Replacing outdated or malfunctioning components
  • device upgrades, improved performance, optimized for client requirements (for gaming, graphics)
  • Setup (including primary) of computers, laptops, operating systems, software;
  • Extending functionality
  • repairing computers
  • Laptops repair
  • connecting and configuring a variety of peripherals – MFPs, plotters, printers, and so on;
  • deploying and regularly maintaining computer networks with different configurations;
  • Internet access settings, antivirus and other services


We repair computers at home and can go to the office. Customers will not have to wait until the required components are delivered from the manufacturers – they are all in stock.

Also among our advantages:

  • quick response to a request – specialists leave immediately after receiving it
  • a repair guarantee, which is backed up by the expertise and expertise of our specialists;
  • high quality of work and provided spare parts;
  • Adequate pricing for services and components
  • Provide comprehensive diagnostics and exit to the master at home or office, and so on.

Recover lost information in Lviv :

  • after deletion
  • after formatting
  • after viruses

Laptop repair

  • Laptop Repair
  • Replacing the components of the laptop
  • Hull repair
  • Repair the power supply
  • Diagnostics of the laptop
  • Upgrading your laptop
  • Cleaning laptops
  • Setting up laptops

Computer repair

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Serving Your Computer
  • Set up computers
  • Computer Repair
  • Upgrade (upgrade) your computer
  • Repair the power supplies
  • Replacing Accessories
  • Clean the computer from the dust
  • Computer Assembly

Installing operating systems

  • Install and configure Windows Windows
  • Install and configure MacOS X
  • Install and configure OS Linux
  • Install and configure Android

Apple repair

  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini

Data recovery

  • Hard Disk Recovery.
  • Restore after deletion, formatting
  • Recovery after system removal.
  • Restore after system formatting.
  • Restore after reinstalling the system.
  • Recovery after viruses
  • Recover accidentally deleted files.

Call if there is any question

(096) 871-2015

Call to discuss details!

(096) 871-2015


Promotion of sites in search engines

Even new, young companies have all the opportunities to successfully grow and grow in the most competitive markets of Lviv, if they succeed to successfully promote the site. Positions on the first lines of the most popular search engines – Google and Yandex give traffic to new visitors who are interested in your products or services. Professional advancement allows you to climb a site in tops for the most important queries and it is guaranteed to keep these positions in spite of competitor’s intrusions or renewal in search algorithms.

Company IRONteam not the first year provides successful promotion of sites on the Internet. We have the technology of effective promotion of sites on Google, Yandex, we understand how the search engine works and we are able to adapt to its ever-changing algorithms. Depending on the goals, specifics and needs of your business, we will be able to offer the best rates for promotion and promotion of sites.

Search engine optimization

Want to be on the first lines of issuance on specific queries? We can fulfill your desire! High-quality and fast promotion and promotion of the site in Google and other search engines

Advertising of sites in social networks

The reputation of your brand on the network is spoiling the competitor? Or did you realize that a comprehensive site promotion in Lviv and other regions can no longer do without SMM? We will help to improve the reputation of your brand and deliver the key message of your business to the end-user.

Promotion of young sites

New sites are difficult to take a decent place in the issuance of search engines. Such resources require a competent approach, attentive attitude, experience and special skill. We have it all! Order the promotion and promotion of the site in search engines qualitatively and quickly with us, and soon you will find out what it means to be on the first lines of search engines.

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