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The IRONteam

Qualitatively, professionally, quickly create sites in Lviv, promotion of sites in Lviv, guarantee that you will be in the TOP by keywords.

Qualitative fast repair of computers in Lviv, repair of laptops Lviv, replacement of matrix in a notebook Lviv, cleaning of dust in Lviv, replacement of components in Lviv, installation of programs in Lviv, data recovery in Lviv

If you need a call master of PC in home Lviv , a master call master of PC in office Lviv, or within Lviv, we will fine-tune the system quickly and repair the equipment.

And also repair of mobile equipment, firmware of phones, firmware of tablets in Lviv, replacement of sensor Lviv

Repair of printers in Lviv, refueling of cartridges in Lviv.

Team members
Years in business
Successful projects


Call the wizard

Calling a master home or office to repair or set up computer equipment or programs

Web design

Creating any site of any complexity with the use of modern methods and technologies.


Repair and maintenance of servers, computers, laptops and other digital equipment


Search engine optimization of promotion and advertising of your sites in search engines and social networks

Rules for developing the site

  1. Project Discussions
  2. Signing up an agreement, prepayment of 30%;
  3. Technical Issues, Approvals
  4. Main page layout, adjustment and approval
  5. Layouts of other pages on the site based on stylistics provided by the main page, their correction and approval;
  6. Prepay 30%
  7. Nesting and programming. Acceptance and approval of work results;
  8. Testing and shutting down
  9. Training with the admin panel (if necessary), closing the contract, paying the remaining 40%;
  10. Transferring a site to a customer’s hosting, or to ours by agreement

Регламент по наданню послуг

  1. The wizard clears only the reported malfunctions.
  2. In the absence of repair parts, equipment, etc., the wizard does not provide guarantees regarding the expected duration of the work.
  3. Equipment with the consent of the client is accepted for repair without disassembly and internal fault checking.
  4. The customer agrees that any internal failures that were not reported occurred prior to recruiting.
  5. The quality of the equipment is verified by the client at the time of issue.
  6. The Client does not disclose defects that were not mentioned in the receipt, and also agrees the risk of a possible total or partial loss of functionality of the device, its individual units and elements in case of violation of operating standards (corrosion, moisture, mechanical damage, impact consequences , drop, etc.)
  7. Unplanned devices must be diagnosed. In case of refusal of repair of the detected device, the client pays the diagnostic cost in the amount of 10% (ten percent) of the cost of repair. In case of further repair, diagnosis is not paid.
  8. Renovated / diagnosed and those devices that have been refused refurbishment are stored within 2 (two) weeks from the moment of notification (call, SMS, MMS, email, social network alerts, etc.). Further custody is carried out for payment in the amount of 10 (ten) hryvnia per day.
  9. Under strictly specified defects / malfunctions by the client and refusal of diagnosis, work is carried out only to the extent indicated.
  10. Restore / install / update the software only from the media provided by the client. For the violation of copyright, license agreements when performing service work by a wizard, the responsibility lies with the client.



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